Monthly Mayhem is a consistent monthly tournament, where every match will be shoutcasted and available to follow on LoLReport.com, YouTube, and Own3d!

Sign Ups for August are Closed! September Sign Ups are open!

Sign Ups for August have been closed. To check out the teams that made it this month go to our brackets page this Monday!

Sign Ups for September are now open! They close on August 25th. So if you didn’t make it in this month get your rosters ready for submission!

To sign up please send your application for the tournament to [email protected] including:

-Team Name

-Summoner Names (One Sub is allowed)

-Team Captain and his/her email

-Team Bio (This will be used for the casters to get to know the individual teams better and add flavor to the casting of your particular match.  So feel free to be creative!)

-Preferred Time Slot(s): All matches will be casted. Please refer to the schedule and tell us what time slot(s) would be good for your team.  *NOTE* You may not get the slot you request.  After recieving your slot you are locked in, and will follow it through the rest of the bracket.