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To have your match streamed and shoutcast, contact the casters about getting into their time slots.  Make a time agreement with your opposing team as usual.


Brackets and Team Information

Brackets: Look up at the flash.

Team InformationClick here.

If there are any questions about these sheets please email [email protected] with your inquiry. Also for any mistakes or discrepancies about an individual’s eligibility, use the same email.



If the ELO ceiling was 1375, could you compete with the best? Could you fight, climb, and rise to the top? Now is your time, and this is your chance. Take what’s rightfully yours, start your legacy, and claim victory! Only one team will ascend the throne of Ryze Up 2012!

ALL emails referred to below should be sent to [email protected].



First Place:
– Play against the Season One Tournament champions, FnaticMSI! The game will be livestreamed and shoutcasted by FnaticMSI’s staff.
– The exclusive Triumphant Ryze Skin! A trophy given only to tournament winners by Riot Games!
– A Champion Skin Bundle for each player.
– $25 Riot Points for each player.
– Spotlight and interview by LoLReport.
– Have your team mascot immortalized as a custom user created skin!

Second Place:
– A Champion Skin Bundle for each player.
– $20 Riot Points for each player.
– Have your team mascot immortalized as a custom user created skin!

Third Place:
– A Champion Skin Bundle for each player.
– $15 Riot Points for each player.

Fourth Place:
– A Champion Skin Bundle for each player.
– $10 Riot Points for each player.

Fifth – Eighth Places:
– $10 Riot Points for each player.

Ninth – Twelfth Places:
– $5 Riot Points for each player.

(Triumphant Ryze, Riot Points, and Champion Skin Bundles provided by Riot Games)



Must have an active account with 200+ wins in normal or ranked games on the NA servers.

Must be at or below 1375 at the time of registration.

You cannot have been Gold or Platinum rated in Season One.



December 16th, 2011 – January 16th, 2012. CLOSED

You must send an email to represent your team. Include your team name and your team captain. Five regular members and one substitution member are allowed for each team.

All team members must submit a screenshot of their wins and ELO. Any falsification of this information will result in immediate expulsion from the tournament and revocation of any prizes.

Your team must post on the tournament thread * here *.



During the tournament games, players must adhere to the Summoner’s Code. Should anyone break the code, the transgression can be saved via screen shot and submitted for review by the LolReport staff. The staff will deal with the issues at their discretion.

Games will take place in a custom game Summoner’s Rift map. The game mode is Draft. NA servers only.



January 23rd, 2012 – March 10th, 2012.

Single Elimination Matches:

Matched games will take place from the start of Monday until the end of Saturday, in Eastern Standard Time. Teams that agree on a match date and time must submit their agreed upon match time via email. If no time is agreed upon, the game will start on Saturday at 8:00pm EST. To avoid disqualification, one member from your team must be present at the starting time of your match. The five members registered to play must be present within thirty minutes of the scheduled starting time. If the full team does not assemble within thirty minutes, that team forfeits the match. If neither team successfully assembles, both teams forfeit the match. If one team successfully assembles, and another team does not, the fully assembled team wins by submitting a screen shot of their entire team in the game lobby. The screen shot must include a time stamp. First pick will be determined by coin toss of the LoLReport staff. The winning team of the toss will be contacted by email. When a match is complete, the winning team must submit the names of the winning AND losing teams, along with an unobstructed screenshot of the score screen via email. New brackets will be posted before the following Monday.

Best Out of Three Matches:

The winners of the Ryze Championship bracket games will be determined by best out of three. That is, the first team to win two games wins the respective match. The game times for these games will be coordinated by the LoLReport staff and team captains.  All three games will take place consecutively with ten minute intermissions allowed upon request. The team with first pick for these games gets first pick in the first match, and the third if applicable.



LoLReport reserves the right to intervene in the tournament and to oversee all related factors including but not limited to: registration, punitive action, rules and regulations, and winnings.


Again, all emails should be sent to [email protected].



Q: Did the tournament change names? Are there more prizes?

A: Yes. Everything else is the same.


Q: How can you stop “smurfs” from steamrolling the tournament?

A: Eligible accounts must have 200 wins and still be below 1375 rating. If you have a smurf with 200+ wins, this is no longer a smurf, it’s a secondary account. If you are a high rated player who purposefully loses hundreds of games on your secondary account in order to stay at a low rating, then you need some fresh air. Also, you would need an entire team of such trolls for it to matter.


Q: Is this tournament US only?

A: Accounts must be on the NA servers. If you have an NA account that fits the requirements, you can play from the Moon if you like.


Q: Does 3v3 ELO count?

A: The ELO eligibility requirement applies to all ranked games.


Q: What if my ELO goes up after I register? Can I be disqualified?

A: It states under “Eligibility” that your ELO must fit the requirements at the time you register. If it changes after you register, so be it. Exceptions where someone goes from 1300’s to over 2000 etc will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Q: What exactly is the custom skin prize? Do I need a mascot?

A: A graphic designer will hand make your desired skin. This is a custom made skin and not Riot official. You do not need a mascot, the skin can be whatever your team wants it to be.


Q: What should the registration screen shots look like?

A: Examples can be seen at the bottom of this post. If your eligibility is called into question during the tournament, these are your only lifeline.