Choosing champions: How FOTM can overpower the current META.

Breaking the META shouldn’t incur grief, but..


Why are some champions are only deemed viable after a “pro” player showcases the champion at a major tournament?

I seem to remember that before M5 brought Dr. Mundo to the jungle, he was deemed a boring, underpowered and a “troll” pick in solo queue.

Because one player does good with a certain champion, does not mean it should automatically be considered “OP”, or be unscrupulously utilized in solo queue because “ (x, y or z) player used it in (x, y or z) tournament  and he “wrecked”.

See Dyrus’ Kayle, Olaf, Vladimir which spurned a massacre of these champions in solo queue because players thought that picking them up automatically made them as good as the original user.

The current META causes conflict between teammates in solo queue if a champion is considered “UP” (underpowered) or not viable for the position it is being chosen for. This unfortunately leaves little room for experimentation due to fear of being reported for breaking the META (which according to Morello is a punishable offense). Yet when “pro” players do it in tournaments, everybody considers them “geniuses” and “pioneers”.

Pick an example… Any support going mid. A bruiser going into the jungle. Any unconventional champ going support. The list goes on and on.

Team composition and teamwork matter a lot more in tournaments and in 5 v 5 ranked play, which allows more leeway in choosing uncommon champions, in uncommon roles.

Quite simply, good team play and team composition will always mask the shortcomings of individual champs. That’s why it’s a TEAM game.

If league of legends is to continue to evolve, two things must happen:

  1. Team play should always be emphasized over FOTM champs. (A very difficult thing to do, but plausible if people are more open minded to change, RIOT should start by encouraging more experimentation)
  2. The META should be broken in solo queue, IF IT FITS WITH THE CURRENT TEAM COMPOSITION, and not just in (and after) tournament play.