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Halloween may have come and gone, but Nidalee cosplay is forever. In 2011, Riot Games released a limited edition skin, Bewitching Nidalee, to mark the holiday. To commemorate the skin releases, they held a contest, The Harrowing Masquerade.

Deviant Artist Kairi-i created this Bewitching Nidalee costume for the contest. I’d say she’s pretty spot on! Unfortunately, she, as well as other cosplayers, were disappointed with some of the rules of said contest.

While it was noted that costumes would be judged based on quality, likeness to the game, and creativity, it appears as if they narrowed down the entries quite a bit and then called the rest up to popular vote. Creators were already required to submit multiple pictures of their steps towards making their outfits. While the artist in this post did not win any prizes, she still did an amazing job with her cosplay. If you liked her Nidalee, check out her Frostfire Annie!

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