Battle Tracks is a daily blog that supplies eargasmic music to play with League of Legends.

Greetings summoners! As you probably already know, Syndra, the Dark Sovereign, has finally been released. This formidable champion will demolish all those unprepared to face her wrath. Her incredible mind will likely dominate all those who oppose her, and to compliment her unprecedented mental ability, today’s Battle Track will be the forceful song, A Dangerous Mind, by Dutch symphonic metal band, Within Temptation. With this song, Syndra will become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, as her power will annihilate any who dare oppose her. So click play, queue up, and shatter your foes with Syndra’s Dangerous Mind!

And now for a special Battle Tracks Announcement: 

A few faithful summoners have suggested improvements for the Battle Tracks format, and I have compiled a response. I have created a special Battle Tracks Mega Playlist on Youtube, which contains every single song that has been showcased on Battle Tracks thus far. Now you will be able to let the music play without any interruption. The playlist contains 86 songs, boasting a whopping 7 and a half hours of Battle Tracks music for your gaming pleasure! Leave it running and it will last for the longest of League of Legends gaming marathons. This is the first of a number of Battle Tracks playlists that I plan on creating in order to improve your listening experience. I hope you enjoy it!

(And once again, I apologize for the large delay in Battle Tracks content, but now that I finally have internet again after getting a new apartment, I can post more frequently.)

Disclaimer: Battle Tracks is primarily based off of my musical preference. You are not required to listen to this music. If you would like to suggest different artists or songs feel free to comment below!