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Syndra Login Screen Animation and Music

by Aminizle on Sep 12th, 2012 (6 years ago)

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Arctic Combat Closed Beta Key Giveaway!

by GamersJoint on Aug 23rd, 2012 (6 years ago)

I'm giving out 3 beta keys for Arctic Combat.

Hey guys, I’m doing another beta key giveaway and this time it’s Arctic Combat – a will be free to play first person shooter. I have three keys to give out!

This giveaway ends 26th August and the closed beta of arctic combat ends 22nd September.

Raiderz Closed Beta Key Giveaway!

by GamersJoint on Aug 14th, 2012 (6 years ago)

I have two Raiderz Beta keys to give you guys!

Hey guys! I’m doing a Raiderz closed beta key giveaway, and I have two keys. If you’re lucky you will win one!

The giveaway is open until 18th Aug, and the Raiderz closed beta ends 29th Aug.

Diana Emotes

by Aminizle on Jul 28th, 2012 (6 years ago)

You can follow me on Youtube: aminizle

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Tales of the Summoned: The Invasion of Ionia

by Neko on Jul 10th, 2012 (6 years ago)

image description

With Demacia no longer a lingering threat, Noxus turned its eyes on the island city-state of Ionia. The invasion would eventually bring about the first official use of the League of Legends.

The island state of Ionia rests just off the Noxian coast of Valoran. Though mainly isolated by the Guardian’s Sea, Ionia has become a popular vacation spot for rich nobles from Demacia and Noxus and was even visited by Boram Darkwill himself in his earlier years of his rule. Known for its strong culture, martial arts, and odd use of magic, Ionia was a sought after place for learning. Dedicated magi and martial artists dreamt of going to Ionia to learn from its masters. Despite Ionia being a peaceful state, its isle is protected by the Kinkou, shadow warriors said to keep the balance in the world, and the Ionian Guard, an elite group of soldiers who have bonded the use of both weapon and magic.

Back on Valoran, aside from giving its full support to the Institute of War, Demacia also began to convert its full offensive military into a more centralized defensive one now that they were at a forced peace. Then with the death of King Jarvan II, Demacia fell into a state of mourning. Upon hearing the news of King Jarvan I demise, Noxus couldn’t have asked for a more perfect time to initiate its plans.

Boram Darkwill himself led the first forces onto the Ionian shore. He was confident that Noxus would be able to raze the island state within a few days and prove to Demacia that Noxus could still flex its strength even under the rules of the Institute. Ionia had little time to respond to the first siting of the Noxian ships before Noxian troops had begun attacking the outlying farms and small settlements on the coast. Ionia immediately sent a small dispatch of soldiers to Demacia for assistance before consulting the Kinkou. The Kinkou saw the balance in war, but felt only chaos within Boram Darkwill and feared his actions may create something that cannot be undone if he succeeds in taking Ionia.

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Community Spotlight: Ult Like You Mean It

by moomoney on Jul 9th, 2012 (6 years ago)

Community Spotlight is a daily blog that searches the breadth of the internet to bring you a new community creation everyday! The selections range from pro-play to cosplay so prepare for something different and entertaining with each day!

Bonkey (McBonkerson) is back with a new League video. Set to the parody song, Ult Like You Mean It, which was recorded by Brother Blake, it features up close and personal gameplay. Some of the contents of the video look staged, while others look like a game playing out its course.

The song itself is a parody of a song by The Killers, Smile Like You Mean It. Brother Blake is a singer and songwriter that has a whole album worth of LoL songs, as well as mad MS Paint skills. Bonkey is an established machinimator whom I’ve featured in this very space for his Rammus video.

Want to submit something to the Community Spotlight? Email me at moomoney[at]lolreport[dot]com! Video credits go to Bonkey.

Community Spotlight: MS Paint Veigar

by moomoney on Jul 6th, 2012 (6 years ago)

image description

Community Spotlight is a daily blog that searches the breadth of the internet to bring you a new community creation everyday! The selections range from pro-play to cosplay so prepare for something different and entertaining with each day!

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret. Even though I write about fan art and community aspects of gaming, I’m not into the whole “art” thing. I’ll never be one of those people that can go into a gallery, stare at a piece for hours, and try to interpret what it means.

In my opinion, sometimes the best art can also be the simplest. For example, IdleScV just got a Wacom tablet, and normally you would open up a complicated painting program to start creating. However, his rendition of Veigar looks like it was made in MS Paint. He overlaps lines and squiggles to form an accurate portrait of the mini man in blue. I look forward to seeing his future LoL drawings!

Want to submit something to the Community Spotlight? Email me at moomoney[at]lolreport[dot]com! Picture credits go to IdleScV.

Tales of the Summoned: The Creation of the League

by Neko on Jul 4th, 2012 (6 years ago)

image description

With the Institute of War in place, the bitter rivals of Noxus and Demacia continue to mass military strength. In order to keep battles between the two to a manageable size, a plan for a League of Legends was put into the works. Noxus, however, sets it sites elsewhere.

The Institute of War was built between Noxus and Demacia with full support from both sides. The Demacian Council was skeptical as to why Noxus was in full support of the Institute, but with most of Noxus powerful magi apart of the newly formed Institute it seemed that was reason enough. The Institute of War would, from now on, monitor war between any two warring city-states and attempt to keep the peace between Noxus and Demacia. However, even with the presence of the Institute, both sides were still massing military strength for the inevitable showdown between Noxus and Demacia under the supervision of the Institute.

An idea was had during the third meeting of the magi within the Institute of War. No matter how powerful the collection of mages were within the Institute, they could not all supervise and maintain orderly conflict between two huge armies that were being built. In order to keep the numbers of combatants at a minimum, it was suggested that each city-state sends a small handful of champions to represent their military and they would fight to decide who the victor is in the dispute. To also keep champions from being a martyr and igniting uncontrollable war, champions will be infused with magic in order to keep them alive, even after being killed during a battle within the Institute. To keep the fighting between the two parties fair, restriction magic will also be set on champions to keep all of their strength and endurance at equal levels. However aside from champions, the two parties can also send magi who will act as summoners of their parties’ champions.

The summoners will keep the battles between the evenly matched champions from becoming stalemates or victories from acts of luck. Summoners will also be able to see the vision of their champion in every direction as well as friendly champions. This will allow champions to know what is going on at all times and to act accordingly. When champions are submitted into the Institute of War to fight in its battles, the champion’s natural strength and skills will be considered when the restriction magic takes old of them. When this happens the champion will gradually gain back their strength and endurance as well as their skills will be unlocked by their summoner allowing them to widen the playing field between themselves and their enemies.

To keep things interesting, the Institute will also be sending a small band of magically sown rags and wood that will act as minions to each party. These minions will wield simple weapons and are of little threat to champions, but they can act as a sort of threat when there are a lot of them. Also when minions, or other champions, are killed by a champion, the champion will be rewarded points to act as currency that can be used by the summoner to enhance the champion’s strength or skills. The Institute also required two large patches of land in order to create the battlefields the champions and summoners would fight on. These battlefields will be known as the Fields of Justice and would be surrounded by a magical barrier that will keep anything from entering or leaving the Fields of Justice.

This was a very odd proposal for the Demacian Council to consider. It was extremely different from the way of fighting they were used to. Noxus, however, saw this as another opportunity to show their strength, no matter the playing field its men will outshine any adversary. With the approval from Noxus, Demacia was quick to follow and the Institute of War was quick to begin the creation of the League of Legends. With the Institute of War busy in its new endeavor and Demacia relaxing on the thought of newfound peace, Noxus finally found its opportunity to show its strength elsewhere on Runeterra.

Ionia is a small island nation off the Noxian coast of Valoran. It is a nation of freedom and prosperity with the thought of its isolation as its biggest defense against the warring states on the Valoran mainland. A culture of tradition and solitude, Ionia is home to the greatest cultural developments and known for its people to possess odd magic. Noxus saw Ionia as a target that would prove to Demacia that they cannot stop Noxus everywhere they go.

The Ionian coast was a beautiful beach with many large and extravagant buildings scattered across the horizon. Boram Darkwill himself surveyed the first Noxus landing on Ionian homeland, he would put this day down in his memoir as the day Noxus bested Demacia for the second time.

*This is unofficial lore, it may not reflect official lore*