Mumblings of a Ward-Mule aims to give readers of low to above average skill level insight on Support champions in League of Legends and how to further improve their mastery of this specific role.

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Bot Lanes can be a boring, back-and-forth farmfest between Carries, leaving the Supports to throw in often meaningless harass while their counterparts use 97% of their brain to last hit. If you'd rather stick your hand in a blender, don't. Instead, try to convince your Carry to scrap their AD Carry for something a bit more interesting once in a while.

Our goal as Support players is to get our Carry as strong as possible through easy farming in lane and obtaining kills. Usually, it’s a straight competition in Bot Lane to see who can outfarm the opposing team’s Carry; as long as they don’t get set back too far by early deaths or are denied hard, the one that usually farms the best (counting kills, too) outperforms the other (obviously skill and the stage of the game matter).

As a Support, it can be tough to prevent the enemy carry from spiralling out of control when they are usually so well protected; with their range, their harass, and the fact that they, too, have a Support to cover their stops can make your task of protecting your own Carry and making progress in lane rather arduous. What can a weak little Support do in a world ran by unstoppable ADs and annoying sustain Supports?

The Kill Lane approach utilizes champions that have very high crowd control and/or damage to immobilize and kill or deny enemies experience early in the game to generate and maintain an advantage. When you’d rather focus on killing the enemy rather than playing passive (of course many supports can play aggressive and get kills in lane, it’s just that Kill Lanes dedicate themselves to doing so), this type of composition can work, given the enemy team is unsure how to play very carefully. With the right composition, Kill Lanes can excel off the slightest of mistakes.

Carries are typically weak early game; take Ashe, for example. She has a very low base AD and frail defences; characters like this excel late game due to their mechanics (her built in slow, automatic critical when not attacking, good range, AoE slow and strong stun) but must be toned down to sub-par levels early on, making her a primary target. These are the champions that are generally susceptible to being killed and/or denied in a Kill Lane setup.

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