♥ Syndra Champion Preview

by Spazie on Sep 5th, 2012 (6 years ago)

Going through the skills etc on the upcomin’ mage of d00m!

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League Leaks- New Skins for the Diana Patch?

by Darkmoosen on Jul 28th, 2012 (6 years ago)

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With the release of the newest PBE Patch, a couple skins have shown their faces. This time we've got one for Cho' Gath, and one for Diana, with a skin sneak peak for one more champion!

Hello there fellow Summoners! Feels like I haven’t really had anything to report for awhile, since the leaking of things has been kind of slow for a week or so. But finally I have something to write about, even if it is just a couple skins that are sitting around in PBE, waiting to be released.

Now whether you’ve Embraced the Heresy or Protecting the Faith, Diana is coming out pretty soon. With it, she’s bringing her original skin, as well as a Dark Valkyrie Diana skin (which I can’t find a splash for to save my life! My apologies!). Both of which have had models found of them and posted on Reddit for everyone to see, as well as the new Cho’Gath skins model! (Link to that right here*).

The new Cho’ Gath skin is another addition to the Battlecast set, with Battlecast Urgot leading that pack. It looks really cool, and it looks like Riot may have taken some tips from PFE when making this skins, since it has a few new voice overs, including one for Recalling, one for using Feast, and one for leveling up his Feast. These voice over changes are leading people to  believe that this skin may be the next Legendary skin to come out, but since we already have Gentleman Cho’Gath, I’m going to assume its a regular skin, and Riot just likes to 1up themselves time after time. Cho’ Gath is also getting a few changes to cast times in the next patch as well, making him feel better, and hopefully making him play a lot better as well. (Link to Battlecast Cho’Gath splash right here!**)

Now last but not least, there has also been a skin teased in the Battlecast Cho’Gath skin. In the background, under Cho’Gath’s right knee cap, you can clearly see Battlecast Urgot checking out Cho’s sweet new skin, but next to Urgot farther in the background, you can see another champion^ admiring the new metallic Cho’Gath. If you’ve clicked that link I put there, then you can clearly see that the next Battlecast champion will be Battlecast Skarner! (If you didn’t click the link, then what’re you waiting for!) Anyways, as a player that enjoys to Skarner Jungle, it’ll be nice to have a skin to chose from that will be a lot different from the classic one. And if they add the new voice overs like they did for Cho’Gath, I’ll be sure to buy it!


Credit for images-

*New Champion models- Credit goes to Eudaemons on Reddit

**Cho’Gath and Diana splash art- Credit goes to Slushe on Reddit

^Close up of new Skarner teaser- Credit goes to Kooprat on Reddit

Wolfs Den: Patch Over Weekend? Nothing to get Hyped Over.

by Wolf on Jun 17th, 2012 (6 years ago)

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The hype over upcoming patches is causing the forums to explode at every announcement made by RIOT. Sadly this patch will leave you wishing for a little bit more.

Well HUGE anticipation over the next few patches for Jayce info or Pulsefire, Sadly nothing is here with the weekend patch.  Assuming RIOT is putting files into the game to make Tuesdays patch more bearable, this patch comes with a few bug fixes, a few new icons, and a removal of Winters Rift to make room for Proving Grounds.


  • Players can now earn unlimited rewards per day in Co-op vs. AI. After 180 minutes, rewards continue to be earned at 75% the normal rate.
  • Custom games now have a separate pool of 120 daily reward minutes that is no longer shared with Co-op vs. AI.
    • Only applies to Summoners level 15+. Lower level Summoners earn unlimited rewards per day.
  • Updated the IP reward forumula for Co-op vs. AI:
    • Games of medium to long length will yield larger rewards
    • Games of short length will yield smaller rewards
      • On Summoner’s Rift, “short” is generally less than 24 minutes
      • On The Crystal Scar, “short” is generally less than 12 minutes
    • Players should see an increase in IP reward per game so long as they aren’t quickly steamrolling the bots
  • The Tournament Draft Custom Game mode will now allow Summoners to pause the game
  • Dodging a Ranked Game will no longer result in loss of Elo but the time before you can join any queue again has greatly increased
  • Adjusted the way Elo is handled for newly formed ranked teams; many new teams will see their Elo increase as a result.
  • Normal Draft Mode (Please note that these additions were incorrectly stated in the Darius patch notes)
    • Normal draft has changed so that premade groups are not prioritized over solo players
      • Solo players have a 20% chance of being the team captain with banning powers and first pick, regardless of the premade status of the rest of the team
      • If a solo player is not team captain, the player will be given a random slot in the pick order
      • If players group up before a game, their host absorbs all of their chances, i.e. the host of a 4-man premade has an 80% chance to be captain
  • A feedback sound now plays when spending mastery points

Wolf’s Den: Beta News – New Summoner Spell for ARAM map

by Wolf on Jun 15th, 2012 (6 years ago)

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Like to ARAM? The new Proving Grounds is showing to be quite the fun place to do so.

There is a New summoner spell being introduced into ARAM and Custom game modes,and I thought I would share it with those that were unaware!

Barrier – it seems like a fun gimmicky spell for a fun gimmicky gametype, see the stats in the image above. It was standard in my game with a total of 10/10 players bringing it along.

Lots of fun playing ARAM cant wait for it to hit live servers aswell as being able to 1v1 for fun!

Wolf’s Den: Unofficial Notes/Skins Jayce Patch

by Wolf on Jun 14th, 2012 (6 years ago)

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Gragas buffs? Kog nerfed again! and Lubu Jarvan! Also, whats the deal with Jayce? Lets take a look inside the beta files to see whats coming up in future patches in this edition of Wolf's Den.

Welcome to the first edition of Wolfs Den,  Where we cover whats new and upcoming in the latest patches and even future patches.  Most of the information you will see is from the Beta and is subject to change at any time at RIOT’s discretion.  In these articles we will take a look at the changes being made to champions and the game alike and theorize how this will affect your in game experience.


These Patch Notes are unofficial,  and are subject to change at any time.




– Base health increased to 523, from 493

– Base armor and scaling increased to 19.6 (+3.6), from 18.7  (+2.7)

Gragas has always been incredible at bursting while still retaining a fair amount of bulk,   these buffs will allow for an easier time last hitting early on (since hes melee), and with the strong armor scaling you can expect to this this bursty bruiser to be heading top again.



– Base Damage decreased to 49.3, from 54.6

Hurting Kennen’s hybridization a bit with a hit to his base AD, seems like building Dorans blade into Sorcers boots is not going to work as well anymore.

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Thoughts on Fiora’s Patch

by ViniMS on Feb 29th, 2012 (6 years ago)

Love, love everywhere!

Hey there, brave summoners!

New patch, new post, this is the rule, right?

Let’s start with this fine lady Fiora! The Spotlight answered a lot of questions, like the counter of her shield. Blocking and attack and returning a portion of its damage? Awesome! Her passive can maintain her in lane for as long as she wants, she has a dash like most assassins, an E that makes her Master Yi’s daughter and an incredible ultmitate. I won’t go over the details, as I already did it on my last post, but believe me, this girl can be a nightmare against your solo top.

Talking about ladies, let’s discuss Lux! I like to think about her as a new kind of supporter, more like a “vision supporter”.  The changes on Lucent Singularity were very well made as you can now slow enemies and light an area without worry about the cooldown, and the vision granted when she ults is just sweet. Of course a supporter Lux will still have to buy tons of wards, but the extra vision from her skills makes the lane as clear as your base.

Moving on, BROMACIAAAAA! Ehrm…sorry… I got a little excited about our favorite barbarian (Tryndamere says: “What…what did you just say? RWARRRRRRRRRRR *Undying Rage*”)!  This great guy just got some nice and needed buffs! Axe Throw (aka Undertow) got increased damage, new scaling and reduced cooldowns. Whats is not to love about this? Maybe it could stun the first target it hits, since Olaf doesn’t have a dash and has only 325 base ms…but, oh well, I guess it’s too much to ask for now. At least he gets nice armor/mr buffs from his ult now. But keep on praying for more buffs, Olaf players!

Finally, just some minor changes. Increased mana cost on Alistar’s heal was expected, since dear Riot is nerfing every sustain resource (Fiora says: “Look at my passive, you mad bro?”), the nerf on Ziggs’ Hexplosive Mines are okay, the nerfs on Shen were also expected, but don’t worry, our ninja is still a top champion! Oh, and the changes on chat announcements are great!

By the way, there’s now a Blitzcrank bot! FEAR THE GRAB!

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Thoughts on Fiora

by ViniMS on Feb 25th, 2012 (6 years ago)

image description

Girls at Arms!

Hey there, brave summoners!

Here I am again talking about a new Champion joining the mighty Fields of Justice: Fiora, The Grand Duelist!

It’s really nice to see Riot investing on non-mage female champions, right? They are so cool! Starting with Vayne, then we had Leona, Riven and Shyvana. They are all great heroes, let’s hope for the same with Fiora!

Talking about her mechanisms now, what first caught my attention was her passive. With the recent nerfs on pots, lifesteal and spellvamp itens, and supporters like Sona and Soraka (as mentioned by WatchMeSC on his awesome Quintessence Choice guide) sustain is becoming a really rare resource, and Fiora’s duelist has the potential to give her crazy lane sustain. On a solo lane against another melee champ, it’ll be really hard to harass this lady because of her stack gain.
I don’t have much to say about her 3 skills. Her Q is pretty much Renekton’s Slice and Dice; Ripost seems very nice, but I don’t think it will send an AP skill back to it’s caster, the “reflects magic damage” probably refers to magic damage added on auto-attacks, like Wit’s End. Her E gives Fiora great mobility, aside from Attack Speed, and combined with the passive AD gain from her W, this skill makes this duelist a really strong hero!

Finally, her Ultimate was another thing that made me pay attention to this chick. The ability to hit all opponents on the screen without been able to be targeted? TELL ME ABOUT NIGHTMARE! This single skill has the potential to turn the tides on a team fight!
What about you, summoner? What are your toughts on Fiora? I’d love to hear your opinions, feel free to comment below!

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Thoughts on the Nautilus Patch

by ViniMS on Feb 15th, 2012 (6 years ago)

The rivers will run red…dish

Hey there, brave summoners!

Many things to talk about today, I’ll try to make a not-too-long post (this time I’ll try it real hard, promise!)

So, with no delay, I present you the new champion joining the Fields of Justice: Nautilus!  Finally a champ with some new abilities! “Oh, but his passive is Udyr’s E and his Q is somewhat Blitz’s Q”, yeah, but his E is pretty cool, and that ult is really awesome, stop being so negative! Oh, and a shield with extra damage is always nice! That frost girl riding Pumba and now this Nautilus…Riot is really liking the idea of hard CC tanks (cry me a river, Garen).

Now, let’s talk about a certain vampire wannabe…my dear Vlad! Oh Riot, stop messing with us, Vladimir players! These changes in EVERY patch are driving us mad! His brand new nerfs are not something like “zOMG! VLAD IS DEAD TO MEE!!!1!”, but his laning sustain is surely going down. From my point of view, Vlad is sort of an imbalanceable champion. His passive is a snowball, his Q is really annoying for the enemy, but that skill is what makes Vlad…well, Vlad. My guess is these Vlad changes will soon end in a rework…

Moving on now, let’s talk about boobies Sona! While watching the Patch Preview, I couldn’t help but scream “WHYYY, RIOT? WHYYYYYYYYYYY??! GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF MYY SONAAAAA @[email protected]”! Oh, c’mon! Mess with my family but don’t mess with MY SUPPORTER!!!!….but then I saw the patch notes and I was okay again. Early level aura nerfs were acceptable and, who knew I would say that, needed. Sona has a really strong poke for a supporter, a so-so heal and that speedy buff always help, she is still in my heart. By the way, this Morello speech of “now players will think about which skill to level up first! :D” is bullsh…garbage.

Ok, time for a happy moment! Shen is back, baby! Ok, I won’t say he is 100% back…but hey, now he knows something called “late game”! Pretty cool, hu? All these mechanisms added to his abilities made him much more reliable and fun. Ki Strike now can actually helps teammates and there will be no more “Great, I taunted 4 enemies, time to…oh crap, I’m out of energy, nevermind…”. I haven’t played him yet, so I can’t confirm these rumors of Shen still not being able to 1v1, but I think he can do it decently, if you ask me.

And at least, what is that new Taric skin? DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT IS RYZE!