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NEW Twisted Fate Model and Emotes!

by Aminizle on Jan 8th, 2013 (5 years ago)

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Spidermumu custom skin

by Aminizle on Sep 16th, 2012 (6 years ago)

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Fizz, The Maggot Infested Skeleton custom skin

by Aminizle on Sep 13th, 2012 (6 years ago)

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League Leaks- SO MANY SKINS!

by Darkmoosen on Aug 11th, 2012 (6 years ago)

image description

A couple patches have surfaces on the PBE here recently, bringing a LOT of cool new skins, as well as a Katarina Rework and a new Champion!

I stop paying attention to League of Legends for just a day, and changes like this explode without me noticing! First of all, I’m sure many of you Katarina fans are extremely excited about the Rework and Model Rework. Hopefully the new skills will make her viable again, and the Rework will keep her on par with newer champions that are out right now! Well along with all that fun stuff in store for Kat, there has also been an incomplete skin file found for Cyber Katarina. So that’s yet another thing for Kat players to be pumped about!

That’s DEFINITELY not all for skins though. Brazillian players are going to be getting a sweet new launch skin for Gangplank. There is no released art of it yet, but there is a screen cap that someone took of the silhouette. This skin has been confirmed with another screen cap that mentions all of GPs skins, and it’s called Special Forces Gangplank.

The Nasus skin that is given out at Riot events looks like it’s being retired, since there’s a new Riot skin currently in the PBE. Meet Riot Graves! It doesn’t seem to have any cool new effects like some of the newer skins that Riot has been releasing, but it’s going to be hard to come by so that makes up for it a little bit. Anyways, the skin looks a little clunky right now in my opinion, but its a work in progress, so I’ll just wait until it’s actually out to start judging it.

Next up we have Hunter Rengar, the skin that is coming out with the new champion Rengar! ColbyCheeze has a first look on him for you if you want to know what Rengar is all about, but I can say for sure that he’s a champion that I’m excited to see come out. He has a lot of new gameplay mechanics that I’m pumped to play around with! His Hunter skin looks a lot like a homage to Predator from Alien vs Predator too, which is kind of cool, and a nice purchase for people who were really into that movie/series!

These next two skins are my personal favorites. If any of you frequent the forums or the LoL subreddit, you may have heard of a Summoner named MaTTcom. He’s created Fan Splash arts for some funny/awesome skin ideas, such as Runaway Bride Mundo, Pizza Girl Sivir, and Brorelia. One of his MOST popular skins is DragonMaster Swain. Well it looks like Riot has made his awesome dreams into an awesome reality. In the PBE we currently have Pool Party Ziggs, and Astronautilus. Those are the splashes that MaTTcom made himself, but I’m not sure what they’ll look like live.

Anyways, Pool Party Ziggs has some really cool effects! He throws water balloons instead of bombs, which splash on contact, his Satchel Charge is now a Ducky Floaty, his ult now leaves a large happy face on the ground to show you where its going to land, and all of his explosion particles have been replaced with splashes of water.

Astronautilus also has some cool new effects! His shield closes his space helmet and causes a large amount of meteorites to float around him, his Riptide now shoots rocks out of the ground instead of water, and his ult has a rock following a target that shoots a larger meteorite out of the ground to knock them up. He also moonwalks when he walks. Not Micheal Jackson moonwalks, zero gravity moonwalks.

Finally, we have a new Rammus skin called Full Metal Rammus. His Powerball sounds like a saw while he’s in it, his W projects a larger see through image of his shell around him, and his ult causes buzz saws to come out of the ground and slice into his enemies! Now this skin may not seem like a good skin to end on, but I did it for a reason! Promise! Anyways, there’s a little bit of speculation that the standing figure in the background of his splash art could in fact be the next Soraka skin (mostly because of the horn). Its a little bit of a stretch in my opinion, but a new Soraka skin and a model rework would be nice!

Along with all of these cool new skins, two new things have been found in the PBE. First off, they currently have a new addition that lets you add notes to the friends on your friends list! So if you ever have been looking through people to invite to a game, you’ll know why you invited them to be your friend in the first place by writing a quick note.

Also another rework is in store. This time not for a champion, but for the UI that we all know and might be getting tired of. I know I am after seeing this mockup made by a Riot team designer! It has nifty new text for all of the numbers that we’ve seen in our current UI, as well as cool little lights underneath spells that show how far you’ve ranked the spell. I think that this will be a cool new replacement to the UI we have now!

If you want to see these skins in action, head on over to Skin Spotlight’s Youtube Channel! Their videos have really helped me out when it comes to explaining what new skins will do, and I’ll try to keep doing that so people don’t just see a name and some splash art.

Many images in this article are from Surrender at 20. Thanks for being a good source of information!

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League Leaks- Battlecast Cho’Gath Teasers

by Darkmoosen on Aug 1st, 2012 (6 years ago)

image description

This morning, Riot released a very interesting audio file teasing Battlecast Cho'Gath, as well as some blueprints. In those blueprints are some more hints to possible future skins!

If you ever played The Lost World: Jurassic Park for the Playstation, then this audio file will probably remind you of one of the opening sequences (I want to say it was either for Raptor or Survivor). In the audio file, two men seem to have found a blueprint for the upcoming Battlecast Cho’Gath skin and are hoping people can use it to find his weakness, and… well just listen to it for yourself! Anyways, underneath the audio recording is the blueprint that they two guys mentioned. They show off what weapons and body armor he has, and most of the weapons reference his moves. But you guys don’t really care about how awesome Cho’s new Rex Capacitor is, you want to know where this teaser is, well if you look on the top left, there’s a little code/serial number thing. It obviously is referencing the fact that this a Cho’Gath schematic, but if you look on the right, and turn your head sideways, there are 5 other things that look like that. For those of you that can’t read sideways, or have severe neck pains, here’s what it looks like flipped!

If this image is in fact a teaser to future skins, than that means that not only Skarner, but also Kog’Maw, Xerath, and Anivia will all be getting a new Battlecast skin at some point in time! So to all you fans of those champions, or even just robotics all together, start saving RP! Because if they’re any where close to as cool as Cho’Gath is right now, you’ll be in for a real treat!

League Leaks- New Skins for the Diana Patch?

by Darkmoosen on Jul 28th, 2012 (6 years ago)

image description

With the release of the newest PBE Patch, a couple skins have shown their faces. This time we've got one for Cho' Gath, and one for Diana, with a skin sneak peak for one more champion!

Hello there fellow Summoners! Feels like I haven’t really had anything to report for awhile, since the leaking of things has been kind of slow for a week or so. But finally I have something to write about, even if it is just a couple skins that are sitting around in PBE, waiting to be released.

Now whether you’ve Embraced the Heresy or Protecting the Faith, Diana is coming out pretty soon. With it, she’s bringing her original skin, as well as a Dark Valkyrie Diana skin (which I can’t find a splash for to save my life! My apologies!). Both of which have had models found of them and posted on Reddit for everyone to see, as well as the new Cho’Gath skins model! (Link to that right here*).

The new Cho’ Gath skin is another addition to the Battlecast set, with Battlecast Urgot leading that pack. It looks really cool, and it looks like Riot may have taken some tips from PFE when making this skins, since it has a few new voice overs, including one for Recalling, one for using Feast, and one for leveling up his Feast. These voice over changes are leading people to¬† believe that this skin may be the next Legendary skin to come out, but since we already have Gentleman Cho’Gath, I’m going to assume its a regular skin, and Riot just likes to 1up themselves time after time. Cho’ Gath is also getting a few changes to cast times in the next patch as well, making him feel better, and hopefully making him play a lot better as well. (Link to Battlecast Cho’Gath splash right here!**)

Now last but not least, there has also been a skin teased in the Battlecast Cho’Gath skin. In the background, under Cho’Gath’s right knee cap, you can clearly see Battlecast Urgot checking out Cho’s sweet new skin, but next to Urgot farther in the background, you can see another champion^ admiring the new metallic Cho’Gath. If you’ve clicked that link I put there, then you can clearly see that the next Battlecast champion will be Battlecast Skarner! (If you didn’t click the link, then what’re you waiting for!) Anyways, as a player that enjoys to Skarner Jungle, it’ll be nice to have a skin to chose from that will be a lot different from the classic one. And if they add the new voice overs like they did for Cho’Gath, I’ll be sure to buy it!


Credit for images-

*New Champion models- Credit goes to Eudaemons on Reddit

**Cho’Gath and Diana splash art- Credit goes to Slushe on Reddit

^Close up of new Skarner teaser- Credit goes to Kooprat on Reddit

Zyra Emotes (Wildfire Skin)

by Aminizle on Jul 14th, 2012 (6 years ago)

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League Leaks: Jayce Splash Art and Skins Revealed

by Darkmoosen on Jul 3rd, 2012 (6 years ago)

image description

Well wonder no longer! Jayce’s Splash art has been leaked to the public! After a little digging around on the League of Legends Subreddit, I came across this link that has pretty good pictures of both the classic and the nonclassic skin for Jayce (Not sure what the non default skin is called, but it looks really cool!) Any thoughts on the Splash art and skins? I personally think that Jayce looks a lot like the Medic from TF2, but with a hammer instead of a sweet healing gun!

Link to the skins on Imgur, and thanks to Tnomad on the LoL Subreddit for the find!

Looks like we also have some skins for some other characters as well! We’ve got a skin for Alistar, the leaked Glacial Malphite, and a Singed skin!

Thanks to EnteringSectorReddit for these finds!