Tournament Showcase: Patch Perplexes Players

by Crimson on Jul 20th, 2012 (2007 days ago)

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Balance changes keep flooding in. Everyone looks for the new OP. Another champion joins the League. More teams get a chance to play against the pros. All this and more in this week's Tournament Showcase.

Greetings Summoners and welcome to this week’s Torunament Showcase. This week we will cover the 4PL, The IGN Face-off qualifiers, the Siege, the ggClassic, the Elite of Europe, and the IPL Showmatches.

More balance changes came out this week causing the teams to start trying out the less picked champions. Teams that are new to the esports scene are only causing more changes to the metagame with unusual picks. Tournaments come and go matching up pros against joes as they pass. Season 2 finals are approaching rapidly and every team is aiming for the $1,000,000 prize. The most important thing to remember is to have fun, and that is just what the professional teams do, even when the stakes are high.

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Tournament Showcase: Picks & Picks & a few Bans

by Crimson on Jul 12th, 2012 (2014 days ago)

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Pulsefire Ezreal changes the meta. New lane compositions. Good sportsmanship all around. Teams show what they are made of. All this and more in this week's Tournament Showcase.

Hello Summoners and welcome to this week’s Tournament Showcase. This week we will cover the IPL5 qualifiers, the Solomid Invitational, the 4PL, and the in2lol King of the Hill.

Riot continues to maintain League of Legends as a top esport with quick maintenance and fair updates. Balance changes, new skins, and even new champions keep LoL feeling fresh and new. The balance changes have always proved able to change the metagame, but this week it was a skin that brought new champions into the tournaments. With a new patch bringing balance changes and a new champion the players were eager to try out new strategies and champions.

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Tournament Showcase: Small prize doesn’t mean small competitors

by Crimson on Jul 5th, 2012 (2021 days ago)

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More tournaments aim to make it big. Teams come from nowhere to aim for the stars. What does it mean to the meta? You could be the next big caster. All this and more in this week's Tournament Showcase.

Hello Summoners and welcome to this week’s Tournament Showcase. This week we will cover the IPL5 qualifiers, the Solomid Invitational, the 4PL, and the in2lol King of the Hill.

League of Legends is growing as an esport with many, many teams showing up on the scene. Naturaly, as more teams show up there more sponsors showing up to support them, and of course, more tournaments for them to play in. Plenty of weekly tournaments pop up and offer chances for fame and prizes, proving League’s strength as an esport.

The Solomid invitational is just starting up and is already doing well. There are some kinks to be worked out but the teams are happy to play and the sign-ups are nice and easy. They are looking to get some solid casters so if you have a good computer and want to get on the scene. The Solomid name is trusted by the teams and spectators but they are missing a few people behind the scenes to help make it a smooth viewing experience. If you know a sponsor looking to get into esports, Solomid could be what makes it big for everyone.

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Legends from the East: GPL — Week 7 Day 2

by Unheardwolfcry on Jul 1st, 2012 (2026 days ago)

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Legends from the East is here to bring you the latest news in the South East Asian and East Asian League of Legends scene! The Garena Premier League (GPL) is South East Asia’s first fully professional League of Legends Tournament.

Today I bring you news straight from the GPL. Today we have to exciting games! First we have the Bangkok Titans up against the Kuala Lumpur Hunters will the Titans claim their first win of the season or will KLH prove that they are just too tough to beat.

The second and most anticipated game of the night we see the Taipei Assassins up against the Singapore Sentinels. The Sentinels have a lot of pressure on their ends they have yet to beat the Assassins and a win here will put SGS on par with TPA. TPA does however just came up the top of group A in their recent IPL5 qulifiers and they also scored a win against China’s best World Elite in the Gigabyte StarsWar tournament. All eyes are on this match tonight but first lets take a look at the Bans and Picks for the first match of the day.

Tournament Showcase: Dreamhack and the GESL

by Crimson on Jun 20th, 2012 (2036 days ago)

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North American and European teams standing apart. What have we learned since MLG? TSM on top of North America. Who are the kings of the European meta? Team play shows the way. 99 champions you should be playing one. All this and more in this week's Tournament Showcase.

Hello Summoners and welcome to this week’s Tournament Showcase. This week we’ll cover what happened at Dreamhack and the Gigabyte E-sports Lan.

There was a real separation of competition this weekend with the North American and European teams split into different tournaments. IPL5 kept wearing down competitors sending more unknown teams against each other to see who gets a shot at fame. Dreamhack and the GESL had great showing of fans and teams. A lot of brand new teams had their first time on the big stage this weekend proving that you do not need to be on the scene for a long time to challenge the pros. If you have 4 friends who love League of Legends don’t be afraid to sign up and take a shot at playing against your favorite pro team.

The Gigabyte E-sports Lan had fierce competition between the major North American teams. The weekend had a rough start with the venue having many issues. Luckily the were able to quickly sort out the issues and get the games underway. For those that attended the event there were plenty of giveaways and interviews brought to you by the great sponsors of the event. The problems were not over however, as the NA servers the tournament was hosted on had major issues for the finals. Though the tournament realm was available for play, the spectator mode had issues. Despite this series of unfortunate events the players were more than happy to give you a first person view for the finals.

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Tournament Showcase: MLG and the aftermath

by Crimson on Jun 14th, 2012 (2043 days ago)

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Can anyone challenge TSM? Top bans at MLG. M5 lurking in the shadows. What to expect from Dreamhack. All this and more in this week's Tournament Showcase!

Hello fellow summoners and welcome to the first ever Tournament Showcase. In this weekly segment we will be reviewing what happened at recent tournaments, updating you on what’s coming up, and keeping you up to date with games played by your favorite teams that you may have missed. But that’s not all, we will also showcase all the tournaments we can find and show you where you and your friends could take a shot at entering the competitive scene.

MLG was a huge event this year with 20 teams from around the world competing for a $40,000 prize pool. We saw a few unknown teams going out in the first round, but what does that really mean to you? It means that players like you and your friends have a real chance at competing with the pros on the big stage. Don’t be afraid to get together and get out there. You could be the next Moscow 5 or Team Dynamic.

Speaking of Moscow 5 they were not at MLG this year, leaving us down one top team. In addition, many other teams are still recovering from all the trading and lane shuffling between the players. Second place team CLG.NA could not even get their new dominant top lane player Voyboy to show up! It was easy to see that these teams were struggling with their coordination. Teams that have been together longer, such as TSM and CLG.EU, saw this weakness and used it to their advantage in rather dominant performances through the tournament.

While the big names stayed on top, there were surprisingly strong performances from some newer teams on the scene. Team Dynamic has a nice sponsorship and showed that they are indeed worthy of being considered a real threat, at least if you don’t know what to ban. Curse.EU showed up after a series of fallout in the European scene. Though they didn’t manage to take home any prize money, they had a real presence, keeping other teams on their guard. But who could forget Dignitas? The team that came from no where and rose to the top instantly still showed their tournament winning level of play. Without Voyboy, however, and with more teams knowing their strategy, they had a difficult time at MLG.

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