Guides, Skins

Ciderhelm produces high quality guides for new champion as the join the League. His series "Don't Feed" will tell you everything you need to know as it goes into more detail than the Riot made champion spotlights. Also look for his skin previews!


Highlights, Replays

CMHgames brings you short, exiting highlight clips and full gameplay videos with commentary. He's very detailed when describing his gameplay so you always know what's going on.


Guides, Replays, Podcasts

Gaming Commentaries, Strategies, Funny Clips, and podcasts are the mainstays for ColbyCheeZe. He produces some of the best stuff out there for LoL, so look out for his posts!


Replays, Highlights, Guides

Colby brings us informative and educational gameplay at it's best. His straightforward style is useful to players of all skill levels. An ideal publisher to watch for improvement to your game.


Fan Art

Crescendica is a talented artist who's medium of choice is a pen-tablet. His artwork is colorful and fun as is the way he expresses it with a speed paint show.


Highlights, Replays, Guides

Looking for fast paced, quality commentary on a variety of LoL videos? Dexirian keeps it coming fast, and never never misses a beat. His content is stellar and his feedback is more than useful.



FringeBeats produces league of legends themed music for everyone to enjoy! His style is upbeat and fun, and he's notorious for mixing in-game character voices into his tracks. Also keep an eye out for this publisher to branch out from music into gameplay and guides in the future!


Highlights, Guides

This publisher focuses on medium length highlight videos cram-packed with action. Prepare for impossible skillshots, jukes, penta-kills, and more. He also produces the occasional guide to help others create equally an intense gaming experience for themselves.


Community Manager, Features

Insomnium manages and promotes He also hosts the Skin Artist Spotlight feature as well as the Publisher Spotlight feature.


Highlights, Replays, Guides

JediDwag brings you crisp, clear commentary as he shows off his highlights, full length replays, and guides. This is a perfect publisher to follow if you want to know why the player does what he does, as JediDwag outlines his motives in a very understandable and entertaining fashion.


Guides, Highlights, Replays

JJGrover brings us guides in both a serious and humorous setting. He also creates short, entertaining hightlights and the occasional full game replay.



KDH is a collaborative of musical artists with a passion for league of legends and a fun disposition. They create parodies of popular songs as well as original LoL rap music. Always worth a listen!


Funny, Cosplay, Replays

Lamill, and her cat Misty, make all sorts of things related to LoL. She has done cosplays, replays, music, highlights, skin showcases, and funny videos. She is perhaps best described as a LoL personality, as people enjoy her content simply because she created it and reguardless of what sort of content it is. See for yourself why people love her so much!


Fan Art, Comics, Funny, Highlights

This publisher trys to show League of Legends in a different perspective by taking certain game elements and tweaking/editing them. The result is funny, polished videos for everyone to watch!



LoLFuntages specializes in short, eye-popping LoL clips. He is the master of the unexpected so don't blink during these brief but wholly entertaining videos!



This publisher likes to create kill compilations and short clips of his more epic moments in LoL. He sets the clips to high energy music to keep up with the pace of the content.


Highlights, Guides

MaruFrozen specializes in highlight and guide videos. His highlights are high quality and his guides both in depth and entertaining.



Mettalknight hosts the "Today's Top Skin" feature on the site. His skill in coding is also employed in various ways for the site.


Fan Art

NAUO is an aspiring artist who is constantly pushing his limits and improving his style. He as truly gained a mastery of his preferred medium, technical pencils. His free hand time lapse drawings are very fun to watch and backed with choice upbeat music to make a combo that will keep you coming back.



Navroth brings his passsion for music and games together in the feature: Battle Tracks. He shares fun music to play League of Legends to.


Music, Replays

PlayerPOV mainly produces parody LoL songs with clever lyrics and an upbeat tempo. His replays are focused on fun and hilarity. Don't miss his posts!

Poison Jam


Poison Jam prefers to keep his videos simple and his articles very in depth. Great publisher for someone who likes to read before they watch!



Protatomonster is a group showcase community submitted highlights. They commentate on the top submissions and give out prizes; check them out!


Highlights, Replays

Redlend produces high quality, medium length highlight videos. He tends to show multiple highlights from each game, and allows more time before and after each highlight to show how he sets up and what he does next.


Replays, Highlights

This publisher has a few different themed posts he maintains including: Let's Play Normals, Ranked Struggle, LoL Moments, and more. His commentating is fast paced and interesting. Check him out for some game improving fun.



Saifiroth hosts the Community Spotlight feature here on the site, where exceptional community creations are shown off. Keep an eye out for his posts, because he is an expert at scouring the internet for amazing community work!



Yellow Bear is always comming at you with new LoL music to enjoy. Their music is catchy and fun. Their talented tracks range from rap to techno to parody.


Guides, Highlights, Replays, Funny

What are TheButtonMasherz all about? Platinum Approved Guides, WTFs, RP Giveaways, LoL Casts, Pentakills, and Epic Escapes!


Highlights, Guides, Replays

TheLoLPit leads some themed video series such as his "how to" and "shorts". Informative and fun is the name of the game for this publisher.


Highlights, Guides, Replays

Prefer to listen to music while you watch LoL clips? Well, TheLoLSoul provides just that, and he has a knack for knowing what music fits his clips just right. Check him out for kill compilations, full game replays, guides, and funny fail moments.



Tom showcases skins in video format. Here he can show off various emotes and all angles of the champion's skin. He tosses in some smooth music to watch to as well.


Highlights, Replays

Want to watch the pro's play? This publisher brings you clips from top tier LoL players to watch at your convenience. Come watch the top dogs duke it out!



WatchMeSC produces full length gameplay videos with commentary that's both helpful and hilarious. If you want to see games from start to finish, this is a go-to publisher.



This music artist brings you League of Legends rap that gets you on your feet! His word-craft and beats will leave you stunned and wanting more.